Please keep these  intentions in your prayers

»Please pray for Matthew and Dahlia River
»Please pray for Grandi and Hur and Pollack and Kishbaugh families
»Please pray for those who have anxiety, and those who are feeling anxious and scared during these times.
»Please pray for the soul of Joe Lewinger (Assistant Principal at TMLA) and his family
»Please pray for Paul in Colorado
»Please live stream the miraculous medal novena. And that all in our family stay healthy and keep their jobs.
»For a swift recovery, Bruce Lipsky and Geri Edwards.
»Please pray for Dr. Arnold Weg
»Please pray for my sister, Maryann, and brother, Clifford. They are both sick and in different nursing homes. They are at high risk at this time and I cannot visit them. Also, please pray for my neighbor’s son, Richard, who has the coronavirus and is on a respirator with double pneumonia. Thank you so much.
»Please pray for Maria Elena Dragonetti
»Please pray for Ronald Pugliesi
»Please pray for the health of Michael Masucci. Please also pray for his family.
»Please pray for the soul of James O’Connell
»Please pray for the souls of Joan Young
»Please pray for Alfred Pasard jr.
»Please pray for the soul of Carmine Notaro and his family
»Please pray for Pedro and Columba Rodríguez