Prayer Requests Page

 Please keep these  intentions in your prayers
As Christians, prayer sustains our spiritual life. When we come together in prayer, our faith grows and our mutual support is strengthened.  During difficult  times when we have family and friends experiencing challenges for any reason, we want to offer our petitions to our Heavenly Father and ask Him to protect us, strengthen us, and help us face these challenges strengthened by His love. 

(For prayers requested without wishing to be published here, we will simply notate them as a special intention)
»Please pray for Matthew and Dahlia River
»Please pray for Grandi and Hur and Pollack and Kishbaugh families
»Please pray for those who have anxiety, and those who are feeling anxious and scared during these times.
»Please pray for the soul of Joe Lewinger (Assistant Principal at TMLA) and his family
»Please pray for Paul in Colorado
»Please live stream the miraculous medal novena. And that all in our family stay healthy and keep their jobs.
»For a swift recovery, Bruce Lipsky and Geri Edwards.
»Please pray for Dr. Arnold Weg
»Please pray for Maria Elena Dragonetti
»Please pray for Ronald Pugliesi
»Please pray for the soul of Michael Masucci. Please also pray for his family.
»Please pray for the soul of James O’Connell
»Please pray for the soul of Joan Young
»Please pray for Alfred Pasard jr.
»Please pray for the soul of Carmine Notaro and his family
»Please pray for Pedro and Columba Rodríguez
»Pray for my brother who is in military hospital
»Please pray for the soul of Alma Paternoster
»Please pray for Health of Barbara Marinelli
»Please pray for health of  William P. Vallely  (son of Bill & Joyce)
»Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, please always heal bless and protect Kathryn, Lauren, Tom and me in my work, in my job, in my territory at Astellas Pharma with Holy, Miraculous, heavenly blessings forever. Please dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS, please always grant us peace. Thank you so much. GOD bless you always
»Please pray for Jorge Martinez
»For the soul of Allyson Schapira and strength for her family.
»For the restored health of Joseph Pfister who is battling Covid19
»For the  soul of Frank ‘Buddy’ Saclayan
»For Patricia McGrath- Recovery from Coronavirus
»For Chloe Miller in hospital for seizures (greatgrand daughter)
»I ask prayer for healing of my eyes, my pancreas and liver 🙏
»Pray for Arthur Sonnick III
»For the Lavery and The Green Families
»For Gabriela De Villegas
»For David Leonforti
»For the soul of Robert Gozcan and his family
»For a conversion of heart so that we might see the sinfulness of racism and resolve to end systemic intolerance  which privileges some at the expense of others, to decry all actions which diminish the dignity and respect of individuals, and to lead all members of our communities toward a future where all live with the justice and peace God intends for all people.   Amen.
»For a special intention
»For Mr Russell Friedman, Brother in Law
»For a special intention
»Llubomir Stanojlovic
»Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please heal Tom completely of his heart attack.  Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please heal Lauren and Tom’s migraines and headaches.  Please my dearest JESUS, please always heal, bless and protect Kathryn and Lauren’s eyes, eyesight and vision.  Please my dearest Sacred Heart of JESUS please always heal, bless and protect Kathryn, Lauren, Tom, Josh and me with all of your Holy, Heavenly, Healing, Divine, Miraculous blessings forever and ever.  Holy Mary Mother of GOD please pray for us.  I love you my Sacred Heart of JESUS.  Thank you my Sacred Heart of JESUS. Thank you everyone for your prayers. GOD bless you always.
»Pray for the soul of Gail Sampogna
»Please pray for me and a friend as we go through a discernment process.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit will guide us to know and do the will of Jesus and the Father.  Thank you and God bless!
»Please pray for us because we are in dire need of finances. Please pray that a good buyer will come and purchase the piece of land we are selling so that we can use the amount to settle our financial obligations. Thank you.
»For my mom’s resting soul
»Please pray for Tom Larnizak
»Please pray for a speedy recovery for Catherine Gallagher
»Please pray for my sister, Felicita Gonzalez, who is hospitalized🙏
»For a special intention 11/01/2020
»My little dachshund Buddie, make a full recovery from his recent operation, my wife Josephine and I find our way to mutual healing and reconciliation of our relationship
»For RoseAnn Cronin’s recovery
»For a special intention 11/13/2020
»Special intention for my brother in laws mother , Sunita, who has dislocated her ankle. As the patron saint of broken bones, I graciously ask for your intercession to Almighty God the Father to aid in mending her injury and help take away her pain and have a successful surgery tomorrow and recovery. She is also dealing with her husband 1 year passing in two days so she is going through a lot. Please also give strength and comfort to my in laws and help them through this difficult time
»For my friend and her son, Paul
»For Nina and Gary
«Maria and Mario Matarrese
»Fr. Vytas
»Luis Alicea, Jr., for his recuperation
»The soul of Rosa Vilma Casiano
»For a special intention 02/23/2021
»For a special intention 03/05/2021
»For Joseph Russo
»For the repose of the soul of Ruben Hugo Testa
»Please include Judy Kempker in with your prayers, she is in icu at capital region hospital fighting for her life with stage 4 cancer .she is a member of St.Stanislaus church. Thank you very much.
»for Lew M Simon