Our Churches Are Open for Mass

Our churches are open for the public celebration of Mass!

8:30AM at St Stanislaus Church     12 Noon at Transfiguration Church

8:30AM daily Mass at St. Stanislaus Church
3PM Confessions at Transfiguration Church
4PM Vigil Mass for Sunday at Transfiguration Church

8AM [St Stanislaus], 9:30AM [Transfiguration],
11AM [St Stanislaus]
12:30PM Spanish Mass [St Stanislaus],
12:30PM [The Traditional Latin Mass at Transfiguration]

We ask your cooperation; if everyone observes the safety precautions established by the State and endorsed by the Bishop, we can open safely, without incident, and remain open.

You must wear masks and observe social distancing [the pews are marked with tape; sit in the open areas – Ushers will be glad to assist you. People living together can sit together as family; otherwise respect social distancing].

For now, there are no missalettes, no sign of peace, and Holy Communion is administered with the Host only (the “pew cards” can be found by clicking here and read from your phone or tablet).

The Ushers will not take up the collection as they usually do: a basket at the church door will enable you to support the parish financially, which we GREATLY appreciate.

Approaching for Communion, please come up in single file, leaving plenty of space between yourself and the person in front of you. We encourage you to receive the sacred Host in your hands; if you wish to receive on the tongue, as is your right, please come up at the end of the line.

As we begin, we are keeping everything very simple; as we go on during these weeks we will gradually return to normal. It is WONDERFUL to have you all back for Mass!!