2024 Annual Catholic Appeal/Campaña católica anual 2024

This year, we urge you to become a beacon of light and hope for those facing challenges. Assume a leadership position by actively participating in the 2024 Annual Catholic Appeal, setting a model of Christian stewardship for others to follow. Acknowledge the abundance in our lives and demonstrate gratitude through dedicated support for the mission and initiatives of the diocese, as they work tirelessly to bring the Gospel to those in greatest need.

If you choose to become a sustaining donor, opting for the “Recurring” option when pledging online, you will further advance the Church’s mission. Your monthly commitment will automatically renew each year, offering convenience and efficiency, ensuring that more of your gift goes towards supporting the crucial ministries outlined on this webpage.

We appreciate your partnership in the Lord’s work and invite you to join forces with your neighbors again in this year’s Annual Catholic Appeal. Together, we can make a significant impact.

Who benefits from your donations? Watch these videos to learn more about the ministries supported by the Annual Catholic Appeal.

Este año, te instamos a que te conviertas en un faro de luz y esperanza para quienes enfrentan desafíos. Asumir una posición de liderazgo participando activamente en la Campaña Católica Anual de 2024, estableciendo un modelo de mayordomía cristiana para que otros lo sigan. Reconozca la abundancia en nuestras vidas y demuestre gratitud a través del apoyo dedicado a la misión y las iniciativas de la diócesis, mientras trabajan incansablemente para llevar el Evangelio a los más necesitados.

Si elige convertirse en donante sustentador y opta por la opción “Recurrente” al realizar una donación en línea, avanzará aún más en la misión de la Iglesia. Su compromiso mensual se renovará automáticamente cada año, ofreciendo comodidad y eficiencia, asegurando que una mayor parte de su donación se destine a apoyar los ministerios cruciales descritos en esta página web.

Apreciamos su colaboración en la obra del Señor y lo invitamos a unir fuerzas con sus vecinos nuevamente en la Campaña Católica Anual de este año. Juntos podemos lograr un impacto significativo.

¿Quién se beneficia de tus donaciones? Mire estos videos para aprender más sobre los ministerios apoyados por la Campaña Católica Anual.

Stations of the Cross + a Different Lenten Path

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A different Lenten path…

 1.  Daily Mass…in addition to Sunday Mass
 Resolve to go to weekday Mass during Lent…we celebrate daily  Mass 8:30am (Mon-Sat) at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church and 12 Noon (Mon –Fri) at Transfiguration Church

2.  Add an element of specific intercession
When you attend Mass… pick someone in your life to offer your Mass up for each time you go. Afterwards send them a simple, but personalized note, email or text letting them know about it. Invite your child or grandchild to do the same.

3.  Sign up For the Best Lent Ever…it’s free and offer daily emails with inspirations, reflections and videos.

4.  Staycation Pilgrimage
Maybe you can’t get to the Holy Land or to a major shrine during Lent, but consider walking over to St. Stans and say a prayer at our Grotto, or walk over to Transfiguration and say a prayer before the statue of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. …have a friend, your child or grandchild join you on the pilgrimage.

5.  Pray It Forward
Pray the Rosary every day (or on specific set days) for the intentions of someone in your life and give the person you prayed for the Rosary that you used. Invite them to do the same. You can follow the Rosary on our Facebook page or our YouTube Channel.

6Pray Like a Monk
Pray the Liturgy of the Hours, which is the official prayer of the Church and is actually not just for monks and nuns at all. Perhaps you can start with either morning, evening, or night prayer. Maybe you want to go big and dive into all three. Don’t have a breviary? No problem. There’s an app for that.

7.  Get on Your Knees
If you don’t already, consider praying by your bedside on your knees before you go to bed and when you wake up…make it a family experience!  St. John Paul II reported that it was very impactful to observe that his father carried out this practice.

8.  A Chaplet a Day
Incorporate the chaplet of Divine Mercy into your daily prayer. The chaplet is a powerful prayer that can take place in the span of ten minutes or so on a commute, during a lunch break, or whenever the opportunity arises. (You could also offer chaplets for specific people and give them the beads as in number three).

9.  Stations of the Cross
Join us for Stations of the Cross every Friday at 7pm  during Lent at St. Stanislaus Kostka Church (English, Spanish & Polish)

10.  Desert Journal
Keep a Lenten journal to catalogue your journey with Christ into the desert.

11. Lectio Divina
Read the Bible daily during Lent.

1.) Pick a short passage to read

2.) meditate on it

3.) pray about it

4.) listen to what God speaks to your heart

5.) enact God’s Word in your life.

(Jesus’ time in the desert was a journey of silence and solitude. Take time to spend time alone with God in silence. Put your phone on silent or even turn your phone off while you pray)


2023 Holy Name Fest italiana

More than 120 people gathered in our Parish Hall Saturday, December 9th for the Holy Name Festa Italiana.  Mouthwatering food selections of sausage & peppers, baked ziti, tomato & mozzarella, spaghetti & meatballs, bread, & mixed salad left no one hungry!  A beautiful cake and coffee & tea added the perfect finishing touch to the event!  

      Más de 120 personas se reunieron en nuestro Salón Parroquial el sábado 9 de diciembre para la Fiesta Italiana del Santo Nombre. ¡Las deliciosas selecciones de comida como salchichas y pimientos, ziti horneado, tomate y mozzarella, espaguetis y albóndigas, pan y ensalada mixta no dejaron a nadie con hambre! ¡Un hermoso pastel y café y té agregaron el toque final perfecto al evento!

click here for our photo gallery / haga clic aquí para nuestra galería de fotos

2023 November Faith Journey Inspirations

Do you ever think about heaven?

As we head into November, the feasts of All Saints and All Souls are a great reminder that we are just passing through this life…and we have a heavenly destination! On your journey, God has a specific mission for you and he wants you to experience joy, love, and peace every step of the way.

Here are 10 inspirations to help you to keep your eyes on Heaven:


Inspiration from Mother Teresa!

“Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

God wants you to dream!

Remembering that we are just passing through this world brings clarity to our lives. If you only had one year left to live, what would you spend the next year doing? What would you stop doing?

Virtue in focus…

Charity is seeing people as God does and treating them with the love and respect they deserve. How does it make you feel when you treat someone with charity? Who in your life is God calling you to be more charitable to?

A burst of wisdom.

What’s the best way to live?

Did you know……

There are 8 easy ways to give your favorite charity without spending any money.

For the young and young at heart…

What would you do if Jesus came to visit your house?

For those who want to make a legendary impact…

“The Good Samaritan is legendary. He is a world-wide icon of goodness…His heart was gently inclined toward the needs of others. Is your heart inclined toward the needs of others? Or is it leaning away from others?” –Matthew Kelly, Holy Moments 

We become the books we read…

Celebrate All Saints’ Day like never before! Get multiple titles for 40% off: Can You Find the Saints, Seven Saints for Seven Virtues, Saint Who?  39 New Saints You Should Know,

Rediscover the Saints, and Wisdom of the Saints, Plus, shipping is FREE…so pick up an extra copy for a friend while this deal lasts!

Feed Your Soul

Get even more out of Mass this week with this 5 minute Gospel Reflection!

Let’s Pray!

“Jesus, teach me to never stop seeking you. Help me to seek you in every relationship, place, and situation.” –from Rediscover Jesus.

For more information on this email and our partnership with Dynamic Catholic, check out this video.

Tablet Article Maria Guadagno and Michael Edmonds

The December 10, 2022 issue of the Tablet included a  lovely two-page article  highlighting  two of our very talented parishioners:  Maria Guadagno, who prepares delicious meals for our priests in our Rectory  and Michael Edmonds who brings his professional cooking talents to the kitchen of  the Brothers of the Sacred Heart who reside in St. Stanislaus former convent.

Click here to read the article

The Tablet is the newspaper of the Diocese of Brooklyn, serving Brooklyn and Queens since 1908, providing award-winning coverage of international, national and local news from the Catholic perspective, and the best coverage of local Catholic news, from the diocese to your parish and school delivered right to your door!

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It is more important than ever to stay connected!

Watch Michael’s interview
on NetTv’s Currents News Program

Look for recipes from Michael by clicking here


2023 Anniversaries Celebration

 A bright Spring day in Maspeth was the perfect setting for a celebration of faith and history as the people of Transfiguration – St Stanislaus Kostka Parish gathered with Bishop Brennan for a festive Mass at Transfiguration, procession to St. Stanislaus Kostka for Benediction  and dinner and dancing in Rudzewick Hall.

     Every person who attended our Anniversaries Gala received a commemorative shopping tote filled with a copy of the Anniversaries Journal, a water bottle,  Dynamic Catholic books, a hand made rosary and a Hershey’s Chocolate bar specially wrapped for the occasion.

     If you would like to view a copy of the journal, scan the QR Code or click here 

click here to view pictures of the celebration 

and here on our Facebook Page

Click on the picture to see the Currents News video about our celebration!



May The Month of Mary (Article by Fr. Wilson)

The month of May is a time when we express with particular intensity our love and devotion for the Blessed Virgin Mary. It is a wonderful time to rediscover the beauty of praying the Rosary.

     Please click here to read the article by Fr. Wilson :  That We May Imitate What They Contain,  And Obtain What They Promise: A consideration of the Holy Rosary.

Join us after 8:30 am Mass every  Monday—Saturday as we pray the Rosary together.

Click here to pray the Rosary with these helpful videos.