Some Words of Hope

Some Words of Hope

Some words of Hope:

In times of uncertainty in our lives, during periods of despair or grief, we can easily become cynical and hardened to hope and to the presence of God in our lives.


St. Stanislaus Church re-open for private visit

Tuesday, May 26 at 8:00am, the parking lot entrance to St. Stanislaus Church WILL BE OPEN for anyone who wishes to make a private visit.
The door will remain open until 11:30am.

However:  There are some common sense requirements to keep the environment safe.

  • MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE (This is for private not communal prayer),
  •  Kindly respect areas blocked off and refrain from touching statues.

Of course, if you do not feel well, stay home!

A full list of the diocesan requirements is available on our website. (Click Here)

There will be parishioners available to assist if you have any questions.  I have asked the priests to make themselves available for confession.  As of now, the Church will be open every day at the same schedule.  I will keep you updated of any changes.  There is more work that needs to be done before Transfiguration Church can be opened – hopefully, that will be soon.



Are You Hungry Yet?

Each and every family meal can be a ‘eucharistic’ moment—a time of charity and being nourished in both body and soul. Now, before you roll your eyes at us and say “Yeah, right, explain that to my screaming three year old,” watch this episode of Closing the Social Distance, and hear us out! Our meals this side of paradise will always be imperfect, one way or another. But the way we enjoy the main meal each day helps train us for things well beyond table manners: it teaches us something about communion with each other, and that is what we await in the Mass!
Fr. Henry mentions the film Babette’s Feast in this episode: to find out more, click on the blue  link. You can stream it on Amazon Prime and iTunes, too.
Stay well, and stay hungry—for God!
Oremus pro invicem—let’s pray for each other,
The Dominican Friars