St. Stanislaus Church re-open for private visit

Tuesday, May 26 at 8:00am, the parking lot entrance to St. Stanislaus Church WILL BE OPEN for anyone who wishes to make a private visit.
The door will remain open until 11:30am.

However:  There are some common sense requirements to keep the environment safe.

  • MAINTAIN SOCIAL DISTANCE (This is for private not communal prayer),
  •  Kindly respect areas blocked off and refrain from touching statues.

Of course, if you do not feel well, stay home!

A full list of the diocesan requirements is available on our website. (Click Here)

There will be parishioners available to assist if you have any questions.  I have asked the priests to make themselves available for confession.  As of now, the Church will be open every day at the same schedule.  I will keep you updated of any changes.  There is more work that needs to be done before Transfiguration Church can be opened – hopefully, that will be soon.